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Scotland Passing New Law Protecting Men Who Claim They Are Women

During a recent interview on “Good Morning Scotland,” First Minister Humza Yousaf stated that Scotland’s proposed new misogyny law would provide protection for both women and individuals who identify as transgender men.

A bill aimed at addressing misogyny is anticipated to be presented before the conclusion of the ongoing parliamentary term in 2026. As per Yousaf, the bill will encompass safeguards for those who self-identify as women, irrespective of their biological sex.

“Women and girls will be protected, and trans women will be protected as well, as they will often be the ones who suffer threats of rape or threats of disfigurement for example. When a trans woman is walking down the street and a threat of rape is made against them, the man making the threat doesn’t know if they are a trans woman or a cis woman. They will make that threat because the perception of that person [is] as a woman.” Yousaf said.

Advocates argue that the new law is essential since the newly enacted Hate attacks Act fails to address attacks targeting women or motivated by misogyny, although providing safeguards for underrepresented groups, such as transgender individuals.

In a post on X, author J.K. Rowling expressed her response to the news, contending that the inclusion of biological males within the scope of the law’s protections deviates from the genuine focus on women and girls.

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