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Michael Moore Predicts Biden’s Support For Israel Will Make Him Into ‘Hillary 2.0’

Michael Moore cautioned President Joe Biden that his continued backing for Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza might potentially result in a victory for Donald Trump in the upcoming November elections.

In his Rumble podcast, Moore forecasted that the upcoming presidential election will resemble Trump’s triumph over Hillary Clinton in 2016, unless Biden insists on a cessation of hostilities in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The filmmaker contended that Biden’s backing of Israel will result in disaffected voters abstaining from voting, leading to his narrow loss in battleground areas like Michigan.

“President Biden, you could end this now. You know it’s wrong, I know you know it’s wrong. I know I sound like a broken record and I know you know you’re going to lose this election, in part because too many people are going to stay home,” Moore remarked.

“They’re not going to vote for Trump. They’re not going to switch their vote from Trump to you, no, that is not how this is going to play out. As what happened with Hillary in Michigan, she lost by two votes per precinct. Two for the whole state. Two! And that’s what’s going to happen to you.” he continued.

Michigan is among several contested states where protestors critical of Israel’s airstrikes, which have in many civilian casualties in Gaza, have organized demonstrations and cast “uncommitted” votes in the Democratic primary. Over 100,000 people in Michigan showed their support for the cause, creating a major worry for Democrats ahead of the 2024 election.

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