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REPORT: FBI Concerned About ISIS Attack at Home in Wake of Moscow Terror

Federal law enforcement officials expressed apprehension regarding the possibility of terrorists executing a synchronized assault within the United States, resembling the recent ISIS-K terrorist strike in Russia.

According to Reuters, FBI Director Christopher Wray was scheduled to communicate this warning to the House of Representatives during a hearing on Thursday.

Wray reportedly plans to say that there is a possibility of a synchronized assault occurring within the U.S. , similar to the recent ISIS-K attack at the Russia Concert Hall.

Last month, a group of ISIS-K militants attacked a music hall in Moscow.

They used automatic weapons to shoot at the crowd while also lighting the venue on fire.

This horrific incident resulted in the death of over 140 individuals.

He is anticipated to advocate for the renewal of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to House members.

This program is of utmost importance as it enables the monitoring of foreign threats to the United States.

The program, scheduled to terminate next month unless it is extended, has been subject to examination in recent years following its misuse by certain federal law enforcement personnel.

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