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GOP Senator J.D. Vance Claims House’s Consideration for Foreign Aide Bill Without Border Security Would Be ‘Betrayal

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) expressed his concerns on Sunday, urging the GOP-led House to prioritize border security reforms before voting on a new foreign aid package.

As the House prepares to discuss foreign aid legislation in the near future, Vance expressed his firm stance to Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo, emphasizing his desire for Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) to remain steadfast.

“I think Speaker Johnson is a good guy, but if he brings up a foreign aid package, sending billions of dollars to Ukraine, without doing anything on the southern border, it will be a disgrace and a massive betrayal, not just of Republican voters, but of the entire country,” Vance said.

In February, the Senate, led by Democrats, approved a $95 billion foreign aid bill. This bill aims to provide additional assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, in line with President Joe Biden’s request to bolster national security.

The inclusion of a bipartisan immigration deal in the legislation was ultimately thwarted when a coalition of Republicans and leftist senators impeded the progress of the larger bill.

Vance, along with other Republican senators, voiced their opposition to the immigration deal, arguing that it provided a means for the Biden administration to circumvent enforcement measures.

In order to address the issue in the long run, Vance emphasized the importance of Republicans focusing on the re-election of former President Donald Trump in the 2024 contest.

This is due to his firm positions on border security and immigration.

According to reports, Vance is being considered by Trump as a potential running mate among the Republicans.

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