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REPORT: Major Superstorm Preparing to Hit Much of U.S.

A significant weather system is now forecasted to move across a large portion of the nation early next week, posing a threat of powerful tornadoes, sizable hail, and destructive thunderstorms.

A powerful storm is making its way across the central and eastern parts of the United States, affecting numerous areas along its trajectory, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

A powerful storm swept through California over the weekend, bringing with it intense thunderstorms and heavy flooding that persisted into the following day.

The storm system is expected to move across the nation, bringing potentially dangerous weather conditions to the central and eastern parts of the United States on Monday and Tuesday.

According to a recent update from the National Weather Service, on Monday, there are areas in central and eastern Oklahoma, far southeast Kansas, central Missouri, and southern Illinois that are most at risk of experiencing severe weather.

Severe weather is expected to impact areas of Tennessee, the Ohio Valley region, and the mid-Atlantic states on Tuesday.

According to reports, there is a possibility of severe weather in the forecast.

This could involve hail that is described as “very large,” potentially exceeding 2 inches in size. Additionally, there is a chance of tornadoes, including a few that could be classified as strong.

These weather conditions may persist into the overnight hours.

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