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Trump Makes Moves to Radically Shake up RNC

Former President Trump has now reportedly moved to make significant changes to the Republican National Committee (RNC) in a short period of time as the organization prepares for the upcoming general election campaign.

During the same week that Trump became the presumptive nominee, the RNC decided to make some major changes to its staff. This involved bringing in new faces to senior leadership positions, letting go of certain employees, and requesting others to reapply for their jobs.

The RNC is undergoing a major transformation due to financial challenges and the upcoming demanding campaign ahead.

Trump supporters wasted no time in making significant changes to the RNC.

This started with the recent election of Chair Michael Whatley and co-Chair Lara Trump, both of whom received strong support from the former president, who also happens to be Lara Trump’s father-in-law.

Chris LaCivita, a seasoned political strategist, transitioned from his role as a key advisor on the Trump campaign to take charge of the day-to-day operations at the RNC.

The RNC will adjust its data operation, Whatley said, by reducing inefficiencies and tailoring it to the needs of individual states. Voter contact programs will be adjusted to maximize the ability to energize supporters, as stated.

Whatley also emphasized the importance of election integrity efforts, acknowledging the concerns raised about the 2020 election and the legal actions that followed.

Charlie Spies, an experienced GOP lawyer, has been appointed as chief counsel. Christina Bobb, a former One America News host known for her views on the 2020 election, has been appointed as senior counsel for election integrity.

Bill McGinley, an attorney who previously worked in the Trump administration, has been appointed as outside counsel for election integrity by the RNC.

It is common for a presumptive candidate to make adjustments to the party apparatus and appoint their preferred leadership.

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