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MSNBC Contributor Demands Fani Willis Recuse Herself From Trump Case

Legal analyst Andrew Weissmann is now urging Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney handling the election interference case involving former President Trump and his allies, to step down from the case.

A court decided on Friday that either Willis or Nathan Wade, the case’s prosecutor and someone she was romantically involved with, ought to resign because there appeared to be a conflict of interest in the racketeering case.

Trump, the leading candidate for the GOP nomination, has consistently claimed that the accusations against him are politically motivated and intended to hinder his chances of winning the presidency in the upcoming election.

Weissmann, a former assistant U.S. attorney, expressed his opinion that Willis should be the one to go.

“The key is how to go forward, because clearly Wade is off, but I think that this is such a huge body blow, almost a fatal blow to Fani Willis,” he said during a recent appearance on ‘Morning Joe.’

“I think the way forward is she has to voluntarily recuse herself. I don’t know that she has it in her, but I think she has to say I’m going to appoint a chief assistant who is going to oversee this case. She clearly has no credibility with this judge.” he continued.

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