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Nancy Mace Declares She Won’t be Going on ABC News Again After Contentious Interview With George Stephanopoulos

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) announced on Monday that she will not be returning to ABC following a tense discussion with host George Stephanopoulos the day before.

“I won’t be going back on ABC anytime soon. I told him as I was walking out, ‘Good effing luck getting me back on,’” Mace said during a recent discussion with NewsNation’s Leland Vittert.

“I cursed on my way out. I didn’t do it on air, but I was upset.” she continued.

Mace and Stephanopoulos had a heated exchange during Sunday’s episode of “This Week” regarding her endorsement of Trump despite his legal troubles with E. Jean Carroll.

He began the interview by showing a clip from 2019 of her giving testimony about being a victim of rape. Mace called out Stephanopoulos for questioning her about her support for Trump during her time on ABC.

Mace mentioned to Vittert that she expected to discuss the 2024 elections, not her testimony regarding being raped during the interview.

“So I was all ready to talk about Donald Trump versus Joe Biden and the 2024 race for the general election. The President had just given his State of the Union, you know; all of that I would imagine would have come into a conversation about 2024. But the guy literally led with me being raped. And you can see the pain on my face,” Mace said.

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