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Ultra Liberal Former MSNBC Host Launching Own Media Company

Mehdi Hasan, a former MSNBC host, is set to launch his own digital media company with the aim of addressing a specific need in the industry.

MSNBC reported that Hasan’s Sunday show was canceled as part of a broader reorganization in its lineup.

After departing the network, Hasan began contributing to the ultra-left wing Guardian newspaper.

“I believe there is a craving for media organizations that don’t shy away from saying the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable, even if it bothers people, even if it hinders access, even if it shakes the apple cart. From a purely business perspective, there is a gap in the market.” Hasan said.

Several conservative commentators have left their network positions to start their own subscription-based platforms, with the most recent example being former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

Hasan made it clear that his venture would have a different focus compared to Carlson’s network, emphasizing that it would not be as centered around his own personality and voice.

Individuals have the option to subscribe to receive regular updates from the company, Zeteo, for a monthly fee of $6. The subscription will feature a weekly series by Hasan.

Additionally, various contributors, written content, podcasts, and more will be part of the $4 million start-up. The service is set to gradually roll out this week before its official launch in April via Substack.

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