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New Poll Shows Only One Third of Americans Trust Biden’s Mental Acuity

A new survey reveals that only one-third of voters are “confident” in the physical and mental endurance of Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden, and nearly half believe that replacing him is at least somewhat probable.

In a study conducted by Monmouth University, Donald Trump obtained marginally higher confidence scores (81 vs. 77) in regard to his mental and physical fortitude, despite being a few years younger than the president (although 51% of respondents expressed confidence in the former president).

According to the information, only 32% hold the same level of confidence in Biden.

Obviously, these figures change substantially when analyzed along partisan lines. A mere 2% of Republicans expressed confidence in Vice President Biden’s stamina, while the proportion surges to 72% among Democrats. 90% of Republicans are confident in Trump, while only 12% of Democrats share this view.

Independents were more receptive to Trump, with 57% expressing confidence in him compared to 20% who said the same about Biden.

Trump recently asserted that his public gaffes were deliberate, whereas Biden has made light of mounting criticism by joking about his advanced age.

Additionally, the survey revealed that a sizeable proportion of respondents believe it is possible that neither Biden nor Trump will make the November ticket.

Nearly half (48%) believe that Biden’s replacement as the Democratic Party’s nominee is either very likely or somewhat probable.

32% of respondents feel that, notwithstanding his primary victories to date, his legal issues could prevent him from being nominated for the Republican nomination, either very or somewhat likely.

The survey, which was carried out by Monmouth University from February 8-12, utilized phone and online surveys to reach a national sample of over 900 adults. The poll has a maximum margin of error of 4.3%.

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