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Trump Slams Haley, Claims Her Rally Was ‘Embarrassment’ to Her Husband

Former President Trump criticised Republican challenger Nikki Haley’s weekend rally attendance, deeming it inadequate and a source of “embarrassment” for her overseas-deployed spouse.

“Tricky Nikki is CRASHING in the Polls. She is 15 points down to Crooked Joe Biden, and I’m crushing him in all Polls. She’s got no reason to make it to the South Carolina Primary,” Trump wrote in a recent post to his Truth Social network.

“The other day, she had almost no people attend her “rally” (We had thousands and thousands who couldn’t even get into the large arena), an embarrassment to her wonderful husband, in Africa. I think he should come back home to help save her dying campaign.” the post continued.

Both candidates have shifted their focus towards the primary election on February 24 in Haley’s native state of South Carolina.

On Saturday, former South Carolina governor Haley embarked on a two-week bus excursion throughout the state.

It is unclear to which Haley rally Trump is referring, but media reports indicated that several hundred individuals congregated outside of one on Saturday in Newberry, South Carolina.

His remark regarding Maj. Michael Haley, Haley’s spouse, coincides with the former president’s receiving severe criticism from many corners for ridiculing Michael’s absence from the Haley’s campaign.

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