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Biden Appears to Completely Forget Name of ‘Hamas’ Until Assisted by Press Corps

During his Tuesday remarks at the White House, President Joe Biden struggled and failed to recall the name of Hamas, the terrorist organization at war with Israel.

Eventually, a member of the press assisted him in recalling the name.

“This indirectly has a lot to do with the hostage deal and what’s going on in the Middle East — the decision on what we do relative to Israel, the decision what we do or in terms of American funding of whether we’re going to engage with the situation in Ukraine,” Biden said in response to a question about a potential hostage deal between Israel and Hamas.

“There is some movement, and I don’t want to, I don’t want to- well, maybe choose my words. There is some movement, there’s been a response from the- there’s been a response from the opposition but-” Biden said, tripping over his words in the process.

“Hamas?” a reporter suggested as Biden seemed unable to recall the group’s name.

“Yes, I’m sorry — from Hamas. But it seems to be a little over the top. We’re not sure where it is. There’s a continuing negotiation right now.” Biden said.

Age and mental acuity are anticipated to be significant factors in the upcoming presidential election, which will likely pit Biden, 81, against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, 77.

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