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NY Governor Kathy Hochul Eases Regulations on Illegals Getting Government Jobs

A contentious proposition that would facilitate the employment of undocumented immigrants in state government positions has now been endorsed by New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

For thousands of government positions, the new proposal would alleviate other requirements while mandating that illegal workers obtain legal work authorization from the federal government.

For instance, the English language proficiency prerequisites, education verification, and certification might be loosened by the New York Department of Civil Service.

Initial employment would be on a transitory basis; however, the proposal implies that permanent employment is the intended outcome.

If their performance is deemed satisfactory and all other prerequisites are fulfilled, agencies may designate migrants for permanent positions.

First in the nation, New York has facilitated the employment of expatriates in these government positions.

According to critics, the proposal will not alleviate the crisis but rather encourage more migrants to enter the state of New York.

New Yorkers’ apprehensions regarding the prioritization of migrants over legal residents will likely be exacerbated as a result.

The arrival of 170,000 migrants in New York City since 2022 has garnered significant attention and criticism within the liberal community.

After announcing a partnership with state employers to assist migrants in finding employment, Hochul made the proposal months later.

Her statewide “solution” to get asylum seekers and migrants out of shelters, she stated at the time, was to offer 18,000 open positions to these individuals.

Current unemployment in New York hovers around 4.5%, which is among the highest rates in the country, affecting an estimated 436,000 individuals.

Additionally, the incidence of homelessness in New York is the highest in the nation.

A majority of New Yorkers, according to recent polling, consider the influx of migrants to be a “serious problem” and wish to halt or reduce the flow.

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