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New Poll Shows Whopping 70 Percent of Americans Disagree With Biden’s Policy on Border

Migrants have recently begun to enter the United States from Mexico in large numbers. Large city Democratic mayors have criticized the Biden administration, claiming that the federal government has failed to provide sufficient resources and assistance to shelter the migrants.

According to a new survey conducted by CNN, around 30% of Americans express approval of his approach to immigration, whereas 70% hold a disapproving stance.

The figures indicate that the president has received his lowest issue approval rating since assuming the presidency.

Furthermore, 79% of Americans concurred that the current influx of migrants at the border constitutes a crisis when queried about the matter.

Voters have not exhibited this degree of concern since April 2021.

In relation to additional matters, Biden encounters a formidable challenge, as only 34% of respondents endorse his response to the Israel-Hamas conflict and 41% approve of his management of the Russian-Ukraine war.

Furthermore, with regards to Israel, roughly half of Democrats (51 percent) express approval of Biden’s management of the Israel-Hamas War, exposing a vulnerability among his Democratic base.

Additionally, the survey reveals an increase in extreme immigration sentiments.

The prevailing sentiment among Americans during the presidency of Donald Trump, as indicated by numerous surveys, was support for formulating a strategy to grant legal residency to certain undocumented immigrants residing in the country. In 2019, the proportion of respondents who believed that the government should prioritize the deportation of all unauthorized individuals in the United States was 15% or less.

Although still a minority, the proportion in favor of mass deportations has nearly doubled to 31%. Currently, a 54% majority of Republicans believe that deportation should be the United States’ top priority, up from 32% in 2019.

The research was carried out among 1,212 adults residing in the United States from January 25th to the 30th, with a margin of error of 3.4%.

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