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Nikki Haley Opens Fire on Trump Over His Calls for Her to Drop Out

Former President Donald Trump was described as “completely insane” by Nikki Haley in her initial interview subsequent to the New Hampshire primary, which prompted the RNC chairman to advise her to withdraw.

Friday morning, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and current Trump opponent appeared on America’s Newsroom.

“Ronna McDaniel, the head of the Republican National Committee Tuesday night, said she thinks you should get out of the race. Have you spoken to her?” Fox host Dana Perino asked.

“I let her know how disappointed I was,” Haley responded.

“Let’s look at the last 48 hours, Dana. I mean, first of all, you had election night. Trump gets on stage, he throws an absolute temper tantrum talking about revenge, but he says nothing about the American people, nothing about what he’s going to do about the wasteful spending that he encouraged and allowed the Republicans and Democrats to do in his term.” Haley continued.

“He said nothing about how he’s going to secure the border and what he’s going to do differently that he didn’t do when he was president. Before, he said nothing about how he’s going to prevent war. Then he goes and says that he’s going to ban anyone from MAGA that donates to me?” she added.

“Think about that. That’s a president who’s supposed to serve every person in America, and you’re deciding that you’re going to have a club and actually ban people from being in and out of your club. And then he goes and encourages the members of the RNC and tries to push them into saying that he’s the nominee in the race? I mean, they got so much pushback that he had to backtrack. He’s totally unhinged.” Haley concluded.

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