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New Poll Shows Haley Gaining Serious Ground in New Hampshire

According to two recent CBS News polls, while former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is now approaching Donald Trump in New Hampshire, while the former president is gaining ground on the rest of the field in Iowa.

Haley is reportedly riding a tide of momentum in the Granite State, where Governor Chris Sununu (R) endorsed her last week, according to CBS.

Since the previous poll was published by the network in September, Haley has reduced Trump’s advantage over her from an apparently insurmountable 39 points to a mere 15.

With 44% of the vote, Trump maintains his lead over Haley (29%), Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (11%), Chris Christie (10%), and Vivek Ramaswamy 5%.


However, Haley’s campaign is lagging behind in the state. He was supported by half of all New Hampshire Republican voters in September. At the time, Haley occupied the third position with 11%, while DeSantis occupied the second spot with 13%.

The Haley and DeSantis campaigns have engaged in a prolonged dispute over the past few months regarding which candidate possesses the most formidable potential to dethrone Trump as the Republican presidential nominee.

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