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Tucker Carlson Predicts Potential Violence if Persecution of Trump Continues

Tucker Carlson denounced former President Donald Trump’s prosecutions vehemently and predicted that they would result in acts of violence.

On Monday’s episode of The Megyn Kelly Show, the former Fox News host and Kelly both condemned the charges filed against Trump in four jurisdictions.

Trump is the subject of prosecution in two separate federal cases. One is his endeavor to nullify the results of the 2020 presidential election subsequent to his defeat.

The second is due to the fact that he retained government documents following his resignation. Georgia is also prosecuting him for his alleged attempt to tamper with the election results there. In addition, he is accused of fabricating business records in order to obfuscate hush money payments in New York.

Trump is accused of a total of 91 offenses and has entered a not-guilty plea to each one.

Kelly began the conversation by stating that if Trump is put in prison after being convicted that the country will ‘burn.’

To which Carlson responded:

“If you leave people no alternative, then what do you think is gonna happen? I mean, the whole point of electoral democracy is that it’s a pressure relief valve that takes people who are very frustrated with the way things are going and gives them a way to express themselves, have their desires heard and ultimately their will done, to be represented in a peaceful way.” he stated.

“You’re rigging the election. And they did that. So, if you keep doing that, and people are like, ‘Wait, I have no economic power. You’ve devalued my currency so it’s like, $11 for a dozen eggs. And my vote doesn’t matter anymore, well then, what do I have? Like, what power do I have?'” he continued.

“And you’re gonna get violence if you keep this shit up. That’s just the truth. And I’m very upset about that. I don’t want that to happen. I think the counter-violence will be much more extreme than the violence, but any rational person can see what’s coming. So, they have to stop this. The charges against Trump are not real. They’re not even for serious crimes.” he concluded.

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