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New Poll Reveals Shocking Number of Americans Think Holocaust is a Myth

A recent YouGov/The Economist poll indicates that 25% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 think the Holocaust never happened.

Despite the fact that the study only included 200 respondents, the question supports worries about an increase in antisemitism, particularly among American youth.

Thirty percent of the youth indicated they disagreed with the remark, and the remaining forty-seven percent said they agreed.

The poll shows that just 7% of all Americans think the Holocaust is a hoax.

In recent weeks, as public opinion has continued to be divided by the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, Congress and the White House have given particular focus to combating antisemitism.

This week, a House committee quizzed leaders of prestigious colleges about the subject, and their evasive responses over what remarks qualified as antisemitic harassment drew condemnation.

The majority of Americans favor the United States’ support for Israel in its battle against Hamas, according to the Economist/YouGov poll.

Supporting Israel is “extremely” or “somewhat important,” according to over 61% of Americans.

The poll indicates that despite widespread support for Israel in the crisis, about half of Americans—including 69 percent of Republicans and slightly less than 30 percent of Democrats—disapprove of President Biden’s approach.

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