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Appeals Court in New York Invalidates Key Parts of Liberal Anti-Gun Law

A portion of a New York gun control law that has been at the center of Second Amendment legal disputes since the Supreme Court’s landmark expansion of gun rights a year ago was invalidated by a federal appeals court on Friday.

The judgment of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals invalidates three provisions while maintaining others that lower courts had previously deemed unconstitutional.

The panel invalidated on Friday a requirement that applicants for concealed carry permits provide information about their social media accounts.

Additionally, their ruling invalidates a clause that automatically prohibits gun ownership on private property and bars the state from pursuing an enforcement of a prohibition on gun possession in places of worship against a cohort of plaintiffs.

The ruling, which had been anticipated for months, is not likely to be the final word in the dispute over New York’s legislation. Ultimately, the dispute may be brought before the Supreme Court.

The legislation was enacted by New York Democrats subsequent to the Supreme Court’s nullification of the state’s concealed carry licensing system last year.

With the conservative majority determining that gun control laws must adhere to the nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation, the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision represented the most significant expansion of Second Amendment rights in a decade.

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