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Hunter May Finally Face The Music

Comer Gets His Wish

Hunter Biden may be finally ready to face the music. The president’s most beloved former drug addict has been roundly scrutinized for allegedly making millions of dollars from influencing peddling. 

He has also spent the good part of 2023 “punching back” at some of his critics, implementing a strategy to sue conservative critics who argue that the president’s family should not be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for no straightforward reason. He has gone so far as to sue whistleblowers after their testimony prevented his father’s Department of Justice from brokering a “sweetheart deal” related to a federal gun crime. 

The Washington Post writes that the crown prince of the Biden Family is ready to face allegations made against him. 

Abbe Lowell, a lawyer representing Hunter Biden, disclosed the offer in a letter in response to a subpoena this month that is seeking a deposition, which would take place behind closed doors. It is a striking escalation in the battle between the president’s son and congressional Republicans, who have focused on his past business dealings and have launched impeachment hearings aimed at President Biden.

Lowell’s three-page letter cited past comments from Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the chairman of the committee, that essentially dared Hunter Biden to come and testify in public.

“Mr. Chairman, we take you up on your offer,” Lowell wrote, in a copy of the letter reviewed by The Washington Post. “Accordingly, our client will get right to it by agreeing to answer any pertinent and relevant question you or your colleagues might have, but — rather than subscribing to your cloaked, one-sided process — he will appear at a public Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing.”

“A public proceeding would prevent selective leaks, manipulated transcripts, doctored exhibits, or one-sided press statements,” Lowell added.

Over the summer, House Oversight Committee James Comer announced that he intended to begin sending subpoenas to Biden family members. 

“This is always going to end with the Bidens coming in front of the committee,” Comer told Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” program. “We are going to subpoena the family.”

“We know that this is going to end up in court, when we subpoena the Bidens,” he added. “So we’re putting together a case and I think we’ve done that very well.”

It looks like that time has arrived. 

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