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DeSantis Gets New Problems as Haley Climbs and Trump Dominates

Ron DeSantis is getting more bad news in his battle to win the Republican nomination for president, The Wall Street Journal reports.

DeSantis who is also the Republican Governor of Florida has had trouble gaining momentum nationally and now his odd have become more daunting.

Nikki Haley is gaining momentum and Trump is continuing to dominate the polls in the primary.

The Journal reports:

Ron DeSantis’s campaign is heading in the wrong direction, and time is running out.

The Florida governor has less than two months before the first 2024 Republican presidential nominating contest on Jan. 15 in Iowa, a state he is banking his campaign on to show he can compete with Trump. But he now finds himself battling Haley, the former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador, for a distant second place in the state behind the former president.

DeSantis recently earned the endorsement of Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds but so far, that hasn’t made much difference in the polls. On Tuesday, he gained the backing of Bob Vander Plaats, an influential Christian leader in Iowa. DeSantis’s campaign boasts of an extensive ground effort in Iowa and says the governor’s work ethic—soon he will have visited each of the state’s 99 counties—will give him a boost as voters start to pay attention.

“As we approach Thanksgiving there isn’t an Iowa caucus goer that has not already had the chance to see Ron DeSantis at least once and ask him a question, shake his hand,” said deputy campaign manager David Polyansky, who promised in the final stretch “a swarming, high-tempo campaign that is going to squeeze the political life out of our competition.”

However, at this time in 2016 Polyansky noted that Senator Ted Cruz was disavowed and went on to win Iowa, even though Trump eventually won the nomination.

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