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New Poll Shows RFK Jr. Leading All Other Candidates in Favorability

According to a new Harvard CAPS-Harris survey, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is presently in the lead among 2024 presidential candidates in terms of favorability among respondents.

The survey, which was released on Monday, revealed that 52% of participants expressed a positive viewpoint regarding Kennedy, whereas 27% held an unfavorable opinion of him.

In addition, with a net favorability rating of 25 points, Kennedy ranked highest.

In terms of net favorability, Kennedy outperformed the runner-up, former President Trump, by a substantial margin.

Although Trump received positive ratings from 51% of the respondents, his net favorability rating was 7 percentage points lower, with 44% of the respondents holding an unfavorable view of the Republican front-runner.

In contrast to the 46% of respondents who held a favorable viewpoint regarding President Biden, 49% of respondents held an unfavorable opinion of the president when queried about his conduct.

The president’s net favorability rating was -2.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) secured the fourth position, garnering a favorable opinion rating of 44% from the respondents and an unfavorable rating of 38% from the same percentage.

The governor was rated as having a net favorability of six points.

Nikki Haley, the former United Nations ambassador, was perceived positively by 43% of the respondents, opposed to 29% who held an unfavorable view of her.

However, her net favorability rating surpassed that of DeSantis by 14 points.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 37% of participants held a positive perception of entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, whereas 29% of the respondents held an opposing viewpoint.

With a net favorability of 8 points, Ramaswamy also ranked higher than DeSantis.

In the past month, Kennedy, who declared his candidacy for president of 2024 in April, disclosed that he was transitioning from the Democratic Party to an independent platform for his presidential campaign.

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