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New Poll Shows Less Than One Third of Chicago Voters Approve of New Left-Wing Mayor

The majority of city residents no longer support Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, according to a new survey by the Illinois Policy Research Institute and the Echelon Institute.

The Illinois Policy Institute finds that a mere 28% of Chicago residents expressed approval with Johnson’s leadership since he assumed office.

This figure is just one percentage point higher than that of former mayors Rahm Emmanuel and Lori Lightfoot, both of whom were embroiled in scandals following the unlawful shooting of a 17-year-old by officers on 16 occasions, and failed to win their primary elections despite being the incumbent, respectively.

A further minority of inhabitants expressed approval of Johnson’s particular policies, as merely 21% backed his approach to addressing crime in the city and 23% endorsed his management of the migrant influx.

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, the sole mayor to attain such a low approval rating was Democratic Michael Bilandich in 1979, when he faced criticism for failing to plow roads in Chicago during a snowfall.

A handful of months later, Bilandich was voted out of office with the support of a mere 33% of the populace.

The poll found that approximately 65% of Chicago residents now believe the city is headed in the incorrect direction, up from 59% in February.

Approximately 73% of respondents indicated a desire for increased police presence within the city, while 69% regarded crime as the most urgent concern in Chicago.

Since assuming office, Johnson has faced criticism due to the arrest rate surge, which was significantly greater in his initial months in office compared to the initial ninety days of his predecessor’s administration.

Police data indicate that Chicago’s crime rate has increased by 21% since January and 69% since 2021.

The survey was administered via phone and the internet to 800 registered electors from October 18 to October 22.

A 4.4 percentage point margin of error is present.

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