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Pompeo Warns Conflict in Israel May Expand ‘Dramatically’ if Biden Admin Viewed as Weak

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the “weakness” of the Biden administration, attributing to it the role it played in Hamas’s fatal attack on Israel last month.

He warned that additional frailty could result in a “dramatic expansion” of the crisis.

The former official from the Trump administration stated that Biden’s request for a cessation of Israel’s ground operation against Hamas in order to provide aid to Palestinians in Gaza has “no logical explanation.”

The remarks of the former secretary of state follow reports that President Joe Biden addressed a heckler who was advocating for a ceasfire in Gaza during a speech in Minnesota.

Biden allegedly stated, “I believe we need a pause. “A pause signifies allowing time to free the prisoners.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejected the notion that Israel should surrender its armaments in return for the release of the over two hundred hostages held by Hamas, arguing that such a course of action would only serve to escalate the dangers faced by Israel in the future.

In an interview with Fox News, the former member of the Trump cabinet stated that neither Biden nor the current Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, identified Iran as the “real problem” in the Middle East crisis on Thursday.

“If you put America first, you definitely want Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu to do both his duty — that is to destroy Hamas — and to complete that mission in its entirety. And you don’t need him having a second front here in America. You’re fighting Hamas, and now you’re fighting the Biden administration.” Pompeo said.

Subsequently, host Sean Hannity questioned Pompeo regarding the most dire possible consequence of the crisis, considering the potential involvement of nations beyond the region.

“The North Koreans have talked about providing weapons systems; we know the Russians are already on the ground in Syria. This could spread not only to the greater Middle East, but you could certainly have not only cyberattacks but cells that are sitting in Europe, cells that may well be in the United States,” he continued.

“The United States’s weakness has provided the context at which Hamas felt like it could do this with absolute impunity, and now you have the American president and Democrat leaders demanding that that very impunity be granted to them,” he concluded.

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