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Giuliani Hit With IRS Tax Lien Over Allegedly Unpaid Taxes

According to newly disclosed court documents, the IRS has decided to impose a $550,000 lien on former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s condo in south Florida in August due to unpaid taxes.

The distance to the former president Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach is about 3 miles.

In 2019, Giuliani, a former legal representative for Trump, tried to sell it for more than $3 million but was unsuccessful in doing so.

He also put his $6.5 million New York City condo up for sale in July.

The former mayor has a deal with the IRS to pay off the tax debts, according to Giuliani’s spokesperson Ted Goodman, who talked to The Hill.

Giuliani has been indicted alongside Trump in the Georgia election racketeering case, among other legal actions relating to his conduct after the 2020 presidential election.

He is one of the accused who allegedly asked Trump for money to cover his legal costs.

Last month, the ex-president organized a fundraiser to support Giuliani’s legal defense.

A $10 million sexual assault lawsuit filed in May, accusations he has refuted, a civil lawsuit made by Hunter Biden, and three defamation lawsuits are some of the several legal actions Giuliani is facing.

He is facing two defamation lawsuits from voting equipment companies that are both tied to the 2020 election, and he already lost one of them for defaming a mother-daughter election worker team in Georgia.

Attorneys for the two argue that Giuliani has delayed paying them $130,000 in penalties in the defamation case launched by the election workers.

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