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Manchin Reveals timeline That Will Determine Whether or Not he Runs for President

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) announced over the weekend that he will decide within the next three months whether to run for president as a member of a third party.

“A lot of people like you as an option. And you’ve said, once you make a decision, a target will be on your back. So you’re waiting till the right time. But the fact is, the calendar is now going to start working against you. What is the timeline? Do you have any announcements to make this morning?” Fox News’ Shannon Bream asked Manchin during a Sunday appearance on the network

“Not this morning. Let me just say this. I’ll do it. I’m more concerned about the country right now. What you’ve seen the theatrics have played out yesterday. And up until yesterday. It’s ridiculous.” Manchin said in response.

“You have to work together. Kevin McCarthy, I praise Kevin McCarthy for what he did yesterday, he finally realized you can’t reason with unreasonable people, with the extremes. I hope that people, these people are represented. I hope their constituents finally say enough is enough. We want people that at least keep our government running and moving in the right direction. We can do that. And I think yes, I can bring it together. That’s all I’ve ever done.” he continued continued.

According to Manchin, the United States needs a leader who can unite the center Left and center Right while remaining independent of each side’s extremism.

“Well, I said before the end of the year, I will. We’re still planning. I mean, if something what you’re saying would happen, there is no primaries, you just go right into the foray.” Manchin concluded, when pressed again about his time frame.

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