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Man Who Threatened Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Sentenced to Three Months in Prison

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was reportedly threatened with murder in voicemails left by a New York man, who was sentenced to three months in jail on Thursday.

In February, Joseph Morelli admitted to making threats against the United States after leaving numerous voicemails at Greene’s Washington office in early 2022.

According to the investigators, Morelli said in the chats that Greene inflicted “hatred” and “poison” upon people.

“I really think I’m gonna have to cause you harm — physical harm,” the man reportedly said.

“You’ve got a big f‑‑‑ing mouth, and I’m gonna show you what violence is really about,” he continued.

In the calls, Morelli introduced himself, even writing his name out in a message.

A federal prosecutor claimed in court that Morelli had a history of making threats.

The claims made by Morelli’s defense attorney that he had bipolar disorder and that this was the cause of the threats were made.

The prosecutor claimed that even though Morelli didn’t get a gun or do any other steps that would have indicated he would harm Greene, he easily could have.

In order to pay for extra protection at her Georgia house, including a fence and security cameras, Greene is demanding that the guy pay $66,000 in reparations. At a later court date, that will be decided.

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