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Mother who Lost Son in Afghanistan Slams Jake Tapper, Rest of Liberal Media, Over Coverage of Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal

A mother whose son was killed in the terrorist explosion that occurred during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal confronted CNN presenter Jake Tapper about the media’s silence regarding President Biden’s management of the withdrawal.

Staff Sergeant Taylor Hoover’s mother, Kelly Barnett, had previously mentioned that her son had served in Afghanistan twice before he was killed in the attack.

She went on to say that her son had told her prior to his death that “the moment that he landed and saw what he saw. His words were chaos, no communication, lack of leadership. He said he never [saw] anything like it.”

“He told me, Mom, I now know that the command cares nothing for us. My son, these 12 others left this earth thinking that their command cared nothing for them.” she continued.

“Ms. Barnett, I know you’ve been hesitant to speak out about what happened to your son. And I totally respect that. Why have you decided to talk publicly now about it?” Tapper stated at the beginning of his interview with her on “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

“If you give me a little leeway here, when I first saw, you know, the text saying CNN wanted to talk to me, I was so happy. Where have you all been? We need you, Jake. We need you. We need CNN. We need all the other networks to voice our opinions, our truths and get it out there.”Barnett said in response.

“We need the country to come together. I want justice for my son. He fought and he died for this country, not for conservatives, not for liberals. He fought for all of us. My job as his mom is to make sure that we come together and make sure this never happens again.” she continued.
“We’ve been covering the story of the botched withdrawal since it happened. And it’s just heartbreaking.” Tapper said in response.
“You have said that the Biden administration lied to you about what happened that day. Tell us more about that. What did they tell you that was wrong?” Tapper said.
“First off, they told me that my son died on impact, which is completely 100 percent false. He lived. He put a tourniquet on himself. He handed out his ammo to his men because, you know, gunfire is going off. So he, you know, he did live for a little while. I now know because of witnesses that were there. You know, how he — where he was when he passed. They lied about where he was standing.” she revealed.
“And again, from witnesses, I now know where that truth is. I’m not really sure, you know, they even know where he was at this point. But I know where he was. They’ve given false statements.” she continued.
“If President Biden were watching right now, what would you want to say to him?” Tapper asked the grieving mother.
“I wanted to say to him that he needs to be a grown man. He needs to come out and say, yes, I made a mistake. I chose wrong. I was looking for a photo op and I messed up. That’s what he needs to do.” Barnett replied.

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