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Fox Contributor Andrew McCarthy Decries New Special Counsel in Hunter Biden Case

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed former President Donald Trump appointment U.S. Attorney David Weiss as the special prosecutor in charge of looking into Hunter Biden, whose hopes for a revised plea agreement earlier on Friday fell through.

However, many conservatives are now outraged with the selection of Weiss despite wanting to see a special counsel appointed to further investigate Hunter Biden’s financial transactions.

Former chief assistant U.S. Attorney and Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy reportedly expressed his displeasure with Weiss’ appointment as the special counsel, calling the most recent legal action a “sham” and claiming that President Joe Biden’s Justice Department was attempting to stall the investigation by appointing an unqualified special counsel.

“Gillian, this is a sham. There is no special counsel investigation and there is no Biden investigation. The special counsel regulations, what makes a special counsel special is that you’re a lawyer who’s brought in from outside the United States government, not just outside the Justice Department, outside the government.” McCarthy said.

“This U.S. attorney is being appointed notwithstanding that he is an attorney who’s a top official in the Biden Justice Department. And Garland made clear, is going to remain a top official in the Biden Justice Department. This is the Biden Justice Department’s vehicle for maintaining control of an investigation that they are not pursuing.” he continued.

“They’ve had the case for five years. They’ve never indicted it. They’re strategically allowing the statute of limitations to run to the point that the 2014 and 2015 conduct, which covers most of the $21 million that the congressional investigation report showed this week, that’s already time barred. And it’s time barred because David Weiss himself decided to let those charges die rather than bring an indictment. They’re not doing anything that you would do if there was an actual investigation.” McCarthy concluded.

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