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New Poll Shows Stunning Number of Voters Potentially Open to Third Party Candidate in Worrying Sign for Biden

A prospective rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump reportedly has almost half of US voters (47%) saying they would think about supporting a third-party candidate for president in 2016.

These results, from a Quinnipiac University poll issued on Wednesday, may allow any surprise candidate to have an influence on the race, since the group No Labels is actively speculating about a third-party run.

Currently, No Labels is not a political party, but rather a centrist advocacy group. However, the organization has publicly considered running a candidate in place of the two unpopular major-party candidates.

Joe Manchin, a conservative Democratic senator from West Virginia, attended a No Labels rally in New Hampshire last week, igniting rumors that he would become the front-runner.

For the Democratic candidacy, Biden isn’t up against much opposition, while Trump is the undisputed favorite in the GOP primary, according to surveys.

However, Biden stands to suffer the most from a third party since Democratic supporters or independents who lean Democratic are more likely to oppose both main contenders.

In addition to a prospective No Labels candidate, Cornel West, a progressive activist and Ivy League scholar, has announced his own independent campaign for president and is looking for the Green Party’s support.

Across most demographic groupings, there is a general consistency in the discontent with the two parties. Voters between the ages of 35 and 49 have the greatest appetite for third-party candidates, while those over 65 have the least.

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