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Congressman Matt Gaetz Proposes Bill to Defund Jack Smith’s Investigation of Former President Trump

Republican members of Congress reportedly made the suggestion that the funding for special counsel Jack Smith be stopped in order to control the federal probe of the former president Donald Trump.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said he planned to propose legislation to defund the investigation after Trump revealed on Tuesday that he got a “target letter” in the 2020 election section.

Gaetz stated in a video he included in the tweet that the measure will be introduced as a “free-standing bill” and would not need to go through the appropriations process.

Such legislation may find traction in the Republican-controlled House, where Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) expressed alarm about the possibility of unfair justice at a time when Trump is seeking reelection.

Gaetz acknowledged that the bill was unlikely to pass the Democrat held Senate, explaning that he was “under no illusions about Joe Biden signing such a legislative device into law. I know that [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer would never bring such a thing up [for a vote], but you deserve to know where your members of Congress are counted. Will they co-sponsor my legislation? I certainly hope they will.”

More than $9 million in public funds were used on Smith’s probe between the time he was named special counsel in November and March, according to information released by the Department of Justice earlier this month.

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