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New Report Shows Homelessness in Los Angeles Increased 10 Percent in 2023

The results of the 2023 greater Los Angeles homeless census were reportedly made public on Thursday, and they show a 10% increase in homelessness in the city.

Homelessness has increased 9% in Los Angeles County as a whole.

According to the count, which was carried out by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, there are now around 75,518 homeless persons living in Los Angeles County, up from 69,144 in 2022.

The number of homeless individuals in the city of Los Angeles increased from 41,980 in 2022 to around 46,260 in 2019.

Although the increase in numbers was a little less pronounced than in prior years, the number of homeless people is nevertheless rising steadily.

According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, Los Angeles is not the only significant city that has recently seen a rise in the number of homeless people.

According to the homeless services authority, Portland witnessed a 20% rise while Chicago saw a 57% increase. Meanwhile, homelessness has gotten worse in other parts of California.

Increases were observed in San Diego by 22%, San Bernardino by 26%, Riverside by 12%, and Kern by 22%.

From January 24 to January 26, Los Angeles’ annual homeless census was carried out. Since 2016, the county has undertaken the count.

This year, the county employed a demographer, two data scientists, and a new counting software in an effort to increase count accuracy.

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