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Syrian Refugee Targets Children During Stabbing Rampage in France

On Thursday, a knife assault at a playground in the French city of Annecy reportedly left at least four children and two adults hurt. The accused attacker is a 31-year-old Syrian national, according to many media reports.

Armed with a knife, the assailant approached a tiny park near a lake in the French city and started targeting parents and kids there.

The youngest of the children, who was just 22 months old, was approximately three years old.

According to the alleged attack video, the suspect attempted to stab a youngster who was in a stroller.

At least two of the youngsters hurt in the stabbing attack, as well as one adult, are in critical condition.

Police ultimately pushed the man to the ground and took him into custody. The suspect’s motivation is not yet known.

On Twitter, a number of videos purportedly showing the guy racing around the playground while numerous people try to stop him emerged.

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