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Library in Liberal Washington D.C. Holding Parade

On Saturday, the D.C. Public Library system will reportedly host a “Children’s P*ide Parade” that is available to children “0-18,” according to a flyer for the event.

The march is being billed as a “celebration of diversity and inclusion, particularly the diversity of g*nder and s*xuality,” according to a library flyer that The Daily Signal first received.

The Georgetown, Palisades, and Tenley locations of the D.C. Public Library are hosting the occasion.

“The parade is for ALL kids to signal that their community supports them being themselves, regardless of their g*nder or s*xuality. One of the parade themes is ‘Be-YOU-tiful!’ For LGBTQ kids, kids who want to be allies, and kids who haven’t figured that all out yet, the parade will signal that their families, school and community joyfully accept their full identity — whatever that may be.  We want this to be an event for every family, not just ones that already know they have members that are LGBTQIA+.” One of the notices read.

For the 2023 Georgetown Neighborhood Library Children’s Pride Parade, which is being organized by the Georgetown, Palisades, and Tenley branches of the DC Public Library, D.C. police are getting ready to limit parking and shut roadways.

Kids between the ages of 0 and 18 are encouraged to attend, and they are encouraged to dress up, wear rainbow-colored clothing, and generally be their “most fabulous selves.”

Although the DC Public Library includes several events on its website, the parade itself has not been included as a listing, and it doesn’t appear that the library has promoted the event on social media.

One of the other events promoted was a storytime with Chasten Buttigieg, husband of transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg.

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