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U.S. Greenlights Major New Military Package for Taiwan

A $500 million military aid package to Taiwan is reportedly allegedly being expedited by the US as top officials become increasingly alarmed by the rate of Chinese aggression towards the island republic.

The Biden administration intends to speed help to Ukraine by relying on its power.

As part of the Presidential Drawdown Authority, the Defense Department will transfer weapons and ammunition to Taiwan.

The delivery would be the first to Taiwan made with the use of the drawdown power.

Because it has been determined that China is adamant about retaking the island country, the Biden administration is attempting to simplify U.S. aid to Taiwan.

Taiwan will get $3 billion in yearly military funding under the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act.

In March, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin informed the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Pentagon planned to use the Presidential Drawdown Authority to deliver $1 billion in aid to Taiwan.

Since the start of the war last year, the Biden administration has already provided tens of billions of dollars’ worth of aid to Ukraine under the fast-track power.

While relations between the United States and China have become more antagonistic, China and Russia have taken steps to deepen their bonds.

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