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Larry Hogan Claims He Won’t Run for Retiring Democrat’s Maryland Senate Seat

After current Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin declared he would not run for reelection on Monday, former Republican governor of Maryland Larry Hogan reportedly said on Tuesday that he would not be running to replace him.

Hogan had considered running for president in 2024, but he decided against it in March, generating inquiries about the now vacant Senate seat from legislators, donors, and the media.

Hogan, a former two-term governor of a blue state, recognized that winning in a presidential year would be challenging, particularly in light of the fact that a Republican hasn’t been elected to the Senate from Maryland since the 1980s.

When Hogan was chosen by then-Gov. Robert Ehrlich to serve as Secretary of Appointments in 2003, his political career officially got underway.

Hogan made a name for himself as a competent and successful administrator right away, gaining a reputation for his meticulousness and commitment to the citizens of Maryland.

Hogan advanced his political career by running successfully for governor in 2014.

Hogan overcame a strong challenge from his Democratic opponent to win the election by running on a platform of fiscal restraint, economic growth, and limited government.

The former governor won the 2014 election for governor of the blue state by 3.8 points, and she was reelected in 2018 by over 12 points.

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