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GOP Mega Donor Peter Thiel Reportedly Refusing to Back any Republican Candidates in 2024

According to a new report, despite making sizable contributions to Republicans as recently as last year, billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel said he won’t support any candidates in the 2024 elections because he disapproves of the GOP’s emphasis on the culture war.

Thiel has historically established himself as a significant supporter of Republican politicians, contributing millions of dollars in races going all the way back to 2000.

Only last year, Thiel donated $35 million to 16 federal candidates, and 12 of them won their elections.

A political action committee supporting Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters, who is sometimes referred to as Thiel’s protege, received almost $20 million of those funds.

Nevertheless, Masters lost to incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D).

In 2022, Thiel also invested at least $10 million in supporting another protégé, J.D. Vance, which helped him win the Ohio Senate election. Thiel further contributed $1.25 million in 2016 to support Trump.

Thiel, a libertarian who helped found PayPal, the data firm Palantir, and Founders Fund, has donated close to $40 million to Republican politicians and organizations since 2018.

He has tried to support candidates that put an emphasis on improving the nation’s economic situation.

Unnamed business partners reportedly claimed Thiel, himself a gay man, decided late last year not to contribute to US political candidates in the upcoming election season because he thought Republicans should focus on innovation and competing with China rather than cultural war issues, which he views as unproductive.

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