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FBI Issues Major New Warning About Traveling to Haiti as Crime and Chaos Skyrocket There

In light of a recent uptick in violence, which includes the kidnapping of an American couple in Haiti last month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is reportedly advising American citizens to avoid the country.

The FBI’s Miami field office reports that kidnappings in Haiti have increased by 300% in the first three months of 2023 compared to 2022.

A Haitian doctor who conducted an interview from his house in Port-au-Prince late last month claimed that Haitian gangs had resorted to extreme methods and committed crimes resembling those documented during the Rwandan genocide.

Those who reside inside the western limits of the island of Hispaniola have described their reality as one of lawlessness, torture, civil conflict, and “The Purge.”

American citizens are officially advised not to visit Haiti by the State Department due to the increased threat of abduction, violence, and civil turmoil.

After freeing the men from police custody during a traffic check, a crowd in the Haitian capital of Port-Au-Prince on Monday beat and set 13 suspected gang members on fire with gasoline-soaked tires, according to police and witnesses.

The horrifying vigilante brutality highlighted the public outrage over the lawlessness spreading throughout Port-au-Prince, where criminal groups are said to control 60% of the city as a result of President Jovenel Mose’s death in July 2021.

Later on Monday, six additional charred remains were discovered in a nearby area.

According to several witnesses, police murdered the victims and locals then lit the bodies on fire.

During a visit Haiti to see sick relatives and attend a local festival, two Americans, Jean Dickens Toussaint and his wife Abigail Toussaint, were recently abducted.

A month after being held for ransom by a gang, the couple was freed; the circumstances of their release remain unknown.

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