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Radical Environmentalists Slash Tires of Over 43 Different Vehicles in New Vandalism Attack

43 SUVs in Boston’s affluent Beacon Hill area reportedly had their tires deflated by an international group of climate activists, who also left behind preachy leaflets telling drivers: “Your gas guzzler kills.”

The organization, which goes by the name Tyre Extinguishers and claims to have 15,000 members worldwide, claimed in a blog post that the action on Wednesday night was their first venture into Boston,

The eco-warriors emphasized that they spared electric, hybrid, and cars with disabled identification.

The large concentration of wealth in Beacon Hill, according to the environmental activists, is why they decided to target SUV owners who reside there.

According to the Boston Police Department, police responded to allegations of vandalism along Mount Vernon Street on Thursday morning and were looking into the incident.

Locals were shocked by the widespread destruction and expressed their dismay, saying that there are alternative, less harmful methods to address climate change.

According to the group’s website, vandalism of SUVs has occurred at least 18 times this year as of the event in Boston.

The Tyre Extinguishers organization claims to have deflated more than 10,000 Vehicle tires worldwide since its establishment in March 2022.

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