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Mayor Eric Adams Claims Biden Induced Migrant Crisis Destroying New York City

In a fervent appeal to the Biden administration for assistance in addressing the flow of immigrants into the city, Mayor Eric Adams reportedly claimed on Friday that the continued influx of migrants under the Biden Administration’s watch into New York has “destroyed” the community.

Hizzoner, who earlier this week criticized the White House for ignoring NYC, raised the alarm about the Big Apple budget’s billions dollar cost during a trip to Washington, DC, where he planned to urge the administration for federal assistance.

Jumaane Williams, the city’s public advocate, had headed to Washington, DC, on Wednesday to request more assistance for migrants.

The mayor made a number of vehement statements before to several private meetings with members of the White House and the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Deanne Criswell, where he was scheduled to outline the migrant problem.

As the Big Apple faces a $4.3 billion crisis that has forced the city to house more than 56,000 migrants in more than 100 taxpayer-funded shelters, Adams has increased his criticism of the Biden administration for refusing to offer additional fiscal relief.

In addition, Adams attacked Biden on Wednesday, saying that the White House had abandoned the city and helped to cause the migrant crisis.

According to the most recent data from City Hall, 104 emergency shelters and eight Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers are housing 34,800 asylum seekers.

Throughout the past year, more than 56,000 have passed through New York City.

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