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Biden Now Claims Feds Getting Close to Finding Leaker of Classified Documents Related to Ukraine War

President Biden reportedly stated on Thursday that the United States is close to identifying the person responsible for the release of sensitive and highly-classified Pentagon documents, as described by the Department of Defense.

“I can’t right now [give an update]. There is a full-blown investigation going on with the intelligence community and Justice Department and they are getting close,” Biden claimed in a statement to reporters.

High-ranking political figures’ movements, updates on military operations, in-depth maps of the battlefield in Ukraine, and satellite photographs of the damage caused by Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure were all part of the top-secret intelligence. Other documents included, according to the report, the potential trajectory of North Korean ballistic nuclear missiles that could reach the United States, as well as photographs and information on the surveillance technology attached to the Chinese spy balloon that the Biden administration permitted to fly over the United States in February.

Biden made his remarks after The Washington Post reported that a man in his 20s who worked on a military facility and disclosed the secret material on the chat app Discord was the source of the leak.

The publication reportedly spoke with a fellow member of the leaker’s Discord messaging group.

The teenage source for The Post claimed he knew the leaker’s true name and where he resided, but he refused to assist authorities in locating him.

The leaker ran a Discord group called “Thug Shaker Central” and designated himself as “OG,” according to the source who spoke to The Washington Post.

The adolescent, who according to the Post obtained parental consent to talk to the publication, claimed that “OG” exchanged tons of sensitive information with him and about twenty other chat group members.

According to a source for The Washington Post, the “close-knit” group included foreign nationals from Eastern Europe.

Several of the messages were posted by “OG,” who allegedly grew weary with writing out the intelligence and instead resorted to snapping and publishing images of the papers to share them with others after becoming impatient.

According to a story in The Washington Post, “OG” was able to access the sensitive material through his position working at an unspecified “military facility.”

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