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GOP Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Pushes Legislature to Adopt Liberal Gun Policies

After issuing an executive order on Tuesday to enhance the state’s background checks on those who want to buy firearms, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, a Republican, reportedly called on the state’s Republican-majority legislature to approve a red flag bill.

The new push comes two weeks after a transgender woman opened fire inside a Christian school in Nashville, resulting in the deaths of three children and three adults.

The shooter at the Covenant School was a woman who identified as transgender, and she made her way into the school before opening fire, shooting out the glass of the front door in the process.

The Tennessee Instant Check System is a background check system that is used by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Lee’s executive order establishes a period of time of three days and one night during which any new criminal activity and court mental health information must be reported on the system.

Red flag laws, which are currently in effect in 19 states, are designed to specifically target individuals who are believed to have issues related to their mental health.

These laws allow a state court to issue an order directing law enforcement to seize weapons from individuals who are deemed to be at risk.

However, conservatives who are opposed to red flag laws claim that they are ineffective in preventing criminal activity and that they endanger the rights guaranteed to American citizens by the Second Amendment.

At the beginning of this month, Lee suggested a proposal to implement a plan to install an armed school resource officer (SRO) in every public school and to give financing for private schools to hire armed guards with the same degree of training as those that are employed in public schools.

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