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Megyn Kelly Blasts Victory by Trans Female Cyclist in High Profile Race as ‘Disgraceful’

Megyn Kelly reportedly criticized the victory of a biological male cyclist who identifies as transgender in the New York City women’s race and issued a challenge to collegiate male athletes to put an end to this “disgrace.”

Kelly called the victory a “disgrace.”

On Thursday, the host of the podcast for Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Megyn Kelly, vented her fury on Twitter, calling it a “farce” that a biological man had once again prevailed in a competition that was intended for women.

The post from the former anchor of Fox News includes a retweet of a story that appeared in the New York Post.

The main focus of the narrative was on the victory achieved by Tiffany Thomas, who is actually a biological man.

Thomas is 47 years old, and the racer took first place at the Randall’s Island Criterium over the weekend, giving him his 20th victory overall.

Hannah Arensman, a fellow female cyclocross rider and champion, was quoted in the article.

Arensman recently made the announcement that she would be retiring from the sport due to the fact that she was required to race against biological males in a sport that was designed specifically for women.

Arensman noted that it “has become increasingly discouraging to train as hard as I do only to have to lose to a man with the unfair advantage of an androgenized body that intrinsically gives him an obvious advantage over me, no matter how hard I train.”

The presenter of the show has not been shy in expressing her disapproval in the past of biological men who identify as transgender competing in sports traditionally reserved for women.

In the year 2022, Kelly voiced her opposition to biological male to female transgender swimmer Lia Thomas and offered a blistering reprimand to the University of Pennsylvania, which had nominated Thomas for the NCAA’s “Woman of the Year” award.

Kelly also called Thomas a “pervert.”

“Lia Thomas is not woman of the year. That title belongs to one of the women who dealt with all the physical and emotional challenges and opportunities that come with being an actual woman … Not to a six-foot-three biological man who, within the last two years, declared that he was a woman. Period.” Kelly said.

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