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New Bill in Texas Proposed Barring Students from North Korea and China From Attending University There

On Friday, State Representative Tony Tinderholt has now reportedly proposed a measure in the Texas legislature that would prevent illegal immigrants, citizens of China and North Korea, and other foreign nationals from being accepted to Texas’ public institutions and colleges.

Also, the law tries to prevent unauthorized students from entering from Russia and Iran as well.

If both bills are enacted, they will make it more difficult for persons with links to those four nations to acquire property or real estate in Texas, and if Bill 552 is passed, it will make it more difficult for businesses to buy agricultural land.

Since then, the law has been met with significant opposition in the state Senate, which has caused the state authorities to make amendments to exempt those who are already citizens of the United States or who hold dual citizenship.

The sponsor of the measures, State Senator Lois Kolkhorst, said that they are required for the protection of national security in order to limit the influence of foreign nations in significant businesses in the state of Texas.

On the other hand, hundreds of people have demonstrated against the legislation, claiming that they are discriminatory and underlining their worries that the bills would lead to an increase in anti-Asian hate crimes.

A significant number of people who have lived in Texas for a number of years on employment visas have also contended that the measures violate property rights that are provided by the United States Constitution.

According to observers it is unlikely that the bill will actually pass a vote in the Texas statehouse, but it may be a sign of where much of the state Republican party stands on the issue

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