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New Poll Shows Majority of Republicans Oppose Sending Aide to Ukraine

A new poll has now reportedly discovered that a majority of Republicans don’t support sending further aide to Ukraine.

According to the findings of the Axios/Ipsos Two Americas Index, the level of support held by Republicans for providing assistance to Ukraine is lower than that held by all adult Americans.

Three in five Americans, or 59 percent, said that they favor the United States giving weaponry and sending financial support to Ukraine in its year-long battle with Russia, while 79 percent of Democrats stated that they support this sort of help.

Sixty percent of those who identify as independents are in favor of supplying arms and financial assistance to Ukraine.

In addition, the survey discovered that 54 percent of respondents said that the United States’ emphasis on national defense and homeland security had contributed to an increase in the country’s level of safety over the course of the past 20 years.

That remark was accepted as true by 51% of Democrats whereas it received support from 65% of Republican voters.

The majority of Americans, almost two-thirds, have voiced their opposition to any proposal to reduce funding for the United States military and national security.

In addition, the survey indicated that thirty-six percent of American adults believe that it was appropriate for the United States to invade Iraq in 2003, which is twenty years after the war had place.

Republicans were more inclined to embrace that view, with 58 percent of them stating it was the proper thing to do, while only 26 percent of Democrats said the same thing.

There is a lack of consensus among Republican leaders on whether or not the United States should continue to back Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

This week, the Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, responded to a questionnaire that was sent to him by Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

In his response, Gov. DeSantis stated that the United States’ involvement in the conflict in Ukraine is not a vital interest for the country, and that the conflict is merely a territorial dispute in which the U.S. has not direct interest.

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