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Oklahoma Votes Down Measure that Would have Legalized Marijuana

Oklahoma voters reportedly strongly rejected recreational marijuana legalization on Tuesday, in a blow to what has become a major industry in many places across the country in recent years.

The Associated Press declared the election over with about two-thirds of precincts counted and the petition failing by a margin of more than 20 points.

State Question 820 was defeated, with nearly 62% of voters opposing the plan.

The “No” side garnered over 349,000 votes, while those in support of the state issue earned over 216,000 votes.

According to the website of the Oklahoma State Election Board, the statewide turnout for the vote on State Question 820 was 25.35%.

Both sides of the debate over State Question 820 were vociferous on the subject.

Legalizing recreational marijuana, according to supporters, would raise millions in tax income for Oklahoma and help wipe the criminal records of people with minor offenses.

People opposed to State Question 820 claimed it would increase crime and violence and put children in danger.

The election defeat will have no immediate impact on the state’s thriving medical program, which has over 12,000 licensed enterprises and almost 400,000 enrolled patients.

The Oklahoma referendum is the latest vote loss for legalization supporters in recent months.

In November, voters in Arkansas, South Dakota, and North Dakota rejected legalizing referendums, while Maryland and Missouri approved adult-use legalization petitions.

There are currently 37 states with extensive medicinal programs, while 21 states allow anyone over the age of 21 to legally possess marijuana.

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