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Texas Introduces Bill That Aims to Reduce, and Even Eliminate, Property Taxes for Families with Kids

Republican Texas State Rep. Bryan Slaton reportedly filed legislation Monday to grant married couples with 10 or more children a 100% property tax credit.

Slaton’s measure would give married couples with four children, including adopted children, a 40% property tax benefit.

It comes as some social conservatives advocate for economic incentives for family formation in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

In the press release, he also voiced worry over dropping American birth rates.

He mentioned Poland and Hungary as examples of countries that effectively reversed demographic decline through financial incentives.

Slaton stated in June 2022 that in the 2023 parliamentary session, he will introduce legislation prohibiting minors from attending drag queen concerts.

He has spoken out in support of planned legislation that would prohibit juveniles from receiving gender affirming care, which often leads to permanent gender reassignment surgery.

Slaton introduced legislation to define juvenile gender changes as child abuse in November 2022.

His bill would include genital amputation, pharmacological castration, puberty suppressants, and other procedures as child abuse.

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