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Alaska Governor Drops College Degree Requirement For State Jobs

Under a recent order signed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Alaskans will reportedly no longer need a four-year college degree to apply for some governmental positions (R).

Dunleavy revealed the adjustments to the degree requirements in an order released earlier this week.

The directive requires Alaska’s Department of Administration to evaluate state job descriptions and identify where practical experience might be substituted for the four-year college degree generally required of candidates.

Following the evaluation, state job ads will be updated to reflect that appropriate experience can be substituted for a college degree.

Dunleavy ordered the modification to address the state’s persistent labor shortfall.

The state has had a particularly difficult time retaining and hiring government employees. According to state labor records.

The Alaska state government employed 27,300 workers in 2014. In December 2022, that figure will have dropped to 21,900.

Dunleavy’s decision adds Alaska to the expanding list of states that are eliminating college degree requirements for most public employment.

In recent months several states, including Maryland, Pennsylvania and Utah.

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