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Significantly Fewer Americans Satisfied with High Level of Immigration Under Biden

According to a brand new Gallup survey, Americans’ contentment with the current amount of immigration into the country has dropped to its lowest point in a decade since the beginning of last year.

Satisfaction with immigration fell 6 percentage points, from 34% in January of last year to 28% in the most recent poll.

Almost three-quarters of respondents, or 63 percent, are now unsatisfied with the situation according to Gallup’s findings.

The ratio is still several points better than the low point of 23 percent in 2007, but 13 points below from the peak point of 41 percent in 2017-2018.

Most Americans who are unhappy with the present amount of immigration want to see less of it, with 40% of U.S. adults wanting immigration to decrease.

Only 8% are dissatisfied because they want more immigration, while the remaining 15% are either unclear why they are unsatisfied or want immigration to remain the same.

By party, 71 percent of Republicans believe immigration levels are too high, while only 19 percent of Democrats agree.

Sentiment among both parties that immigration levels are too high has risen in the last year.

The rate among Republicans rose by 2 points and among Democrats by 8 points.

This year, the proportion of Republicans who are unhappy about excessive immigration hit the highest level ever recorded by Gallup for the party.

The Gallup poll, conducted from January 2 to 22, polled 1,011 U.S. adults and had a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

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