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CNN Ratings Continue to Head Downwards

CNN’s average primetime viewership reportedly dropped to 444,000 people for the week of January 16.

There was no shortage of headlines that week, what with Ukraine, the squabble over House committee seats, and all the confidential data His Fraudulency Joe Biden had spread throughout the world.

After all, Fox News averaged 1.996 million primetime viewers that week, nearly five times as many as CNN.

MSNBC drew over a million viewers, with an average of 943,000 during primetime.

CNN nearly missed 400,000 total viewers for the day, with 417,000. With 1.387 million viewers, Fox News more than quadrupled that. MSNBC outperformed CNN, but only averaged 629,000 total viewers throughout the day.

Fox News ranked second in total primetime viewers on cable television, trailing only ESPN. MSNBC finished third. CNN ranked eighteenth.

New CNN President Chris Licht attempted to clean house at the network after his hiring and quickly made several major personnel changes, such as cutting ties with ultra-liberal figures like Brian Stelter, in hopes of altering the common perception of the network being biased toward liberal viewpoints.

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